Catalog Of Success!

catgsucsthey’ve never taken short cuts on product or customer service in order to turn a dollar. Consequently, they’ve built a loyal following of customers, which has kept them in the black. Their customers are so loyal, in fact, that when the business partners opted to mail a newspaper of product offers–rather than a glossy catalog–this past Christmas season, their customers were even more responsive than they had been to the costlier book.

Experimenting for quality

The McWilliamses decided midway through last summer to shelve their Christmas catalog for the upcoming season, even after doing a lot of planning. They say they were concerned that the company wouldn’t have enough time to thoroughly prepare a book that would yield the biggest bang for the buck. “Before we went through the expense of creating a color catalog,” Dick McWilliams says, “we wanted to make sure it would be efficiently and

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