Catalog Of Success!

catgsucsthey’ve never taken short cuts on product or customer service in order to turn a dollar. Consequently, they’ve built a loyal following of customers, which has kept them in the black. Their customers are so loyal, in fact, that when the business partners opted to mail a newspaper of product offers–rather than a glossy catalog–this past Christmas season, their customers were even more responsive than they had been to the costlier book.

Experimenting for quality

The McWilliamses decided midway through last summer to shelve their Christmas catalog for the upcoming season, even after doing a lot of planning. They say they were concerned that the company wouldn’t have enough time to thoroughly prepare a book that would yield the biggest bang for the buck. “Before we went through the expense of creating a color catalog,” Dick McWilliams says, “we wanted to make sure it would be efficiently and

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New York Parties Rule The Roost, Man

nyprtsWhen a party is going to be a hit, a big success, you know it the moment you walk in the door. When a party is going to be a super hit, a blockbuster, you know it before you walk in the door. There’s something in the air, almost tangible. As you step inside, you say to yourself I’m so happy to be here — and everybody else is saying the same thing. If you think this happens at every party — but of course you don’t. You know it doesn’t. Some are good, some aren’t, very, very few are great. Most New York parties are charity dos, fund-raisers in a ballroom. They are all for a good cause, of course, and more power to them. But most of them follow the same pattern; at many of them the speeches are too many and too long. You sit there wondering what time it is, and why the orchestra is playing loud enough to split your skull, precluding all conversation. A wonderful private party is hard to come by.

That’s why Carol and George McFadden’s stupendous private party, a dinner-dance for 120 guests at their magnificent townhouse the other night was one of the greatest, maybe the greatest of 2014. This is the one all parties given in the year 2015 will have to measure up to. Well, lots

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Wines And Thanksgiving: A Golden Team

watgConsider setting out an array of wines on your holiday table and letting your dinner guests discover some tasty matches.

Candied sweet potatoes. Wineinfused basting sauce. Zesty, slightly sour cranberries. Spicy stuffing. Help! Where does one find a wine that marries well with the cornucopia of flavors that punctuate traditional Thanksgiving feasts? It can be quite a challenge, certainly, one that some harried hosts may hesitate to take on. One option: Serve a variety of reds and whites, allowing friends and family to discover pleasing food and wine pairings for themselves.

For a classic start, try Champagne or a sparkling wine, both of which go well with a range of appetizers and rarely fail to liven up the atmosphere. The sheer abundance of elegant Champagnes and sparklers on the market will set your head spinning, though. Try the Gloria Ferrer Champagne Caves 1989 Royal Cuvee ($19), a creamy sparkler, rich with flavors of passion fruit and dried pineapple. This bubbly was named in honor of King Juan Carlos of Spain and his wife, Queen Sophia, to mark their 1987 visit to California (the first ever by a reigning Spanish monarch to the Americas). Another good bet for

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Chuck Norris Facts 2.0

cnfsFollowing recent discoveries about the skills and habits of Chuck Norris, we present to you Web 2.0 Facts about Chuck Norris.

  • Chuck Norris was refused an investment by a VC. Once.
  • Chuck Norris read the entire blogosphere. Including splogs.
  • Chuck Norris invented blogging in 1974 in order to keep track of people he roundhouse kicked to the face.
  • Flickr gave Chuck Norris a funny look. Now you know why it needs a massage.
  • Chuck Norris doesn?t search Google. He just stares at the screen until Google pops the website he needs.
  • Chuck Norris does not build to flip. He builds to roundhouse kick to the face.
  • Chuck Norris has more friends on MySpace than Tom.
  • Chuck Norris did not get acquired by Yahoo. He traveled back in time to 1849 and started Yahoo! himself. Now you know how the gold-rush started.
  • Flickr is the Chuck Norris of Web 2.0
  • Chuck Norris showers with AJAX but no water.
  • Chuck Norris is the real brains behind Ruby on Rails.
  • Chuck Norris doesn’t typically have a server drive failure (his servers fear him), but when he does, he gets emergency data recovery. Immediately. He never flinches.
  • Chuck Norris does not use a web server. His beard serves HTTP.
  • The bubble burst because Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked it to the face.
  • Chuck Norris does not use tagging to remember websites. He roundhouse kicks them to the face then they remember him.
  • Chuck Norris doesn?t validate. All standards are required to conform to his content.
  • Chuck Norris has an open API. His right leg, coming straight at your face.
  • And last but not least: Web 2.0 is Chuck Norris.

Update: If you’ve been spending too much time on Slashdot, this is for you.

  • Step 1. Chuck Norris.Step 3. Profit.There is no step 2. (thx Cameron!)
  • Imagine a beowulf cluster of Chuck Norris!